Android Things, The Idea That Increases The Ecosystem of Google


Google introduced Android Things. His project known as “Brightness Project” that wants to adapt Android to the so-called “Internet of Things” through different developers.

In this way Google provides developers with their different APIs and Android tools, for the subsequent creation of IoT devices. And we do not mean Android Wear products, phones or tablets. But to appliances such as washing machines or other devices that can stay connected intelligently and perform different tasks.

Android Things, The Idea That Increases The Ecosystem of Google

Developers from the SDK provided by Google, can activate Google Weave to be able to connect the different devices to services like Google Cloud.

Currently supported for Raspberry Pi 3, NXP Pico, Philips Hue, Intel Edison and other well known companies like TP – Link or Belkin are also in the process of adapting to the Weave system.

Mountain View would also be working on a security system that improves the current one and allows the release of security patches and updates. To constantly improve

The ecosystem continues to expand
Google wants to continue to expand its system and reach the maximum possible places. Proof of this are Android Wear or Android Auto. Who knows if in a few years we will have a totally intelligent house using only the Android system. Although we will have to wait a little for that day to arrive.

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