6 Best Browser Based Games to Play in 2017


The snake game by Google gravity is like the Nokia Snake game which is introduced by the Google Gravity in which the snake’s length enhances when you eat more. You need to avert the snake from passing itself to attain a maximum score. Best GBA games are also light weight and some websites offer them in browser but emulators are best to play them with fantastic output. During the game, the swiftness of the snake fluctuates several times. Arrows are used to play this game for the right, left, up, and down movements. Here some of the amazing web based games are given.


It is considered one of the best browser games. It was established in 2012 and it consists of secrets, route-finding, mix of traps, monsters and so on. It is a rapid classic platform that contains arbitrarily generated maps. You will definitely enjoy this game as it is quite unique and provide you a new way to discover things.

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In this game, there is a robot in a sort of dreamland where racing, jumping is involved. You experience the shower of sparks, chrome plated horse parts and flames when hit with a particular item in the game.

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This game is based on the indie classic Limbo in which the same art style is present. There is no need to spend a huge amount of time as the puzzle can be easily accomplished within 20 minutes and during this time period, you need to take control with the help of the keyboard. You may find it a little tricky to use a keyboard as it is not that comfortable as a control pad, but still, it is a stunning small game.

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It is a type of tower defense game in which you need to make a defensive strategy to dissuade the waves of bad guys. The progress in the game provides you the stars that are useful to make your tower stronger to face the enhanced levels of danger. There are knights, wizards and archers in the game act as a staple.

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In this game, you have to use a mouse to take control on a swiveling gun turret. To clear a level, shoot as many floating boats as you can. There are different challenges available for you on various levels, for instance, a huge pool table is in initial level. At the next level, there is shots count and so on. It needs an immense control that can be only achieved with the help of a mouse, but if you are using only trackpads, then it would be difficult for you to accomplish the task.

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Another tremendous web based game which is similar to the common match-three puzzler. This game is launched in 2014. In it, you have to fight day and night and construct various structures with your earnings and at the end, you need to battle with different evils in the darkness. If you are continuously facing defeat, then reconsider how you are dealing with the game and find the best way to complete each level.

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