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Call of Duty Black Ops is a first-person shooting game which is developed by Trey arch and publish by Activision. Call of Duty Black Ops is available for PC’s, consoles and Nintendo. Call of Duty Black Ops has included many new features than as compared to the previous old versions.


Call of Duty Black Ops adds many new features and new modes. In the Single player mode, you have to complete all the missions of the game and complete the game in single player. You can choose your difficulty level according to your game playing level to make the game harder or easier.
Shoot down all your enemies and complete all the objectives to complete the mission. Campaign mode missions take place in locations like Ural Mountains in South USSR, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Kazakhstan in central USSR, and Siberia.

Multiplayer mode is for connecting to other players who plays COD black ops, and you can connect with you friends and can play with them. Multiplayer mode is mostly for real gamers and for those who are interested in killing their friends in the game.
You can upgrade your level by winning the game and by taking more kills. Unlock all guns in multiplayer mode. In Multiplayer mode two players can go online at a time by doing split screen too from a single PC.

Call of Duty Black Ops has a new mode that’s called Zombies mode. Zombies mode has a most fantastic thing in it that you can play with your friend in one game together. You have to kill the zombies to stay survived in the game. You will get some mystery boxes in the campaign open those boxes to get the special guns. These guns are required to kill high power zombies in the game.


Call of Duty Black Ops is a first-person shooting game, like its previous games. During the game, you can carry only two guns that are primary and secondary weapons and can take Lethal and grenades with ourselves.
In the game, if you are close to the enemy you can execute your enemy by combat knife. The player can also be prone while running. Your player has three stances, standing, crouch and prone. If you get injured by the hit of some bullets you player’s health will become red, and you can generate it back to the normal with time. You should have to take cover to dodge the firearms and to get recovered from those bullets.

If you are hit your screen gone red and indicate the sign where the shots are coming from. Call of Duty Black Ops updates new weapons like crossbows and explosive ammunitions, ballistic knife, and dragon breath. Call of Duty Black Ops has difficulty levels like regular, recruit, hardener, and expert level play the best one that suits your game level.

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System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.66 GHz


HDD: 12 GB

Video Memory: 256 MB 3D


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