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Dead Rising 3 is an open-world horror and survival game developed by Capcom Vancouver. Dead Rising 3 is published by Microsoft. Dead Rising 3 is released for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Dead Rising 3 was released on 22 November 2013 for Xbox one and for Windows on 5 September 2014. Dead Rising 3 have both modes single player and multiplayer.

Game Play
Dead Rising 3 is an open-world third-person game. The player controls a new character, Nick Ramos. The Characters primary focus is to find the weapons and supplies to survive in the zombie world. Dead Rising 3 world is much bigger than the combined of dead rising and dead rising 2. The best thing is that the player can save his progress anywhere during the game, and there is a “Night mare” mode for the people which offers the time limit and save option.

In the game, you have the crafting option that the player can carry things and make combo weapons that can kill the undead easily. In dead rising 3 you can make combo vehicles that will be destructive like the zombie-like combine motorcycle and a steamroller to make “Roller Hawk”.

Dead Rising 3 have Multiplayer mode in which you can play with you friends and can play co-op missions. Two players can split up and do mission in the game separately and find the blueprint for crafting and the credit for both players. In multiplayer mode, both players can complete the game together.


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System Requirements:
Processor: i3-3220 3.3 GHz.
Video Memory: 1GB
DirectX 11
HDD: 40 GB Free

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