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The Last Guardian is a game I’ve been waiting for a long time. Well, could he give you that? Obviously yes, more than yes. But of course there is a “but”. As I have just said, controls and camera angles are two basic issues of the game. But as you play, you can come to ignore them for the sake of your bond with Trico. Especially those who played ICO or Shadow of the Colossus, I think it is necessary to play The Last Guardian. For others, it is an interesting and enjoyable game where you can control a giant plush monster.

* When it finished, Shadow of the Colossus was playing OST …

Who is Almal

Shadow of the Colossus and those who played ICO should not miss The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian finally came to the game for years. Was it worth it to wait for so many years?

I think that this is going to be very good, because I have been waiting for The Last Guardian for many years.

The first stop of the journey is, of course, ICO, our first eye pain that the game’s developer team has released. The subsequent Shadow of the Colossus crowns the team’s success. This “gigantic” game we met on the PlayStation 2 platform in 2005, as I recall, required 16 different giants to descend our character with the Slang. But in doing so, the developer team might not have thought about the possibility that we could really fall in love with our Shadow of the Colossus with the visuals and unique music it created. We first finished playing the game on the PlayStation 2 platform many times, then again with the upgraded version that came on the PlayStation 3, we enjoyed it years ago.

The vast repercussion created by Shadow of the Colossus undoubtedly led the developer team to move quickly to the next game, and soon the team began working on The Last Guardian in 2007. When the game was first announced, the date was showing 2009. And so, our waiting period has begun.

Seven years later

Yes, it has been around 7 years since the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro have been on the market. The Last Guardian is not facing the PS3, but the new consoles. Huh, did that wait for it? Let’s start with the story of the game just before.

In The Last Guardian we are portraying a little child like Argo, which we remember from Shadow of the Colossus again. There is another giant in the vote, and this giant’s name is Trico. But this time we are not trying to get him down, but we are trying to connect with him. Yes, in The Last Guardian this connection is very important, and I will talk about it in more detail shortly.

At the beginning of the game we find ourselves unconscious and realize that we do not remember where we are when we open our eyes. We think we have been abducted and brought to a place surrounded by gigantic structures. But we are not alone here, a giant who is wounded with spears right next to us, that is, Trico is lying along the length of his name.

Our first mission is to rescue him from these spears and from the chain he is bound to, and the game begins.

The great bond of “monster” with child …
I will not give more information about the story of the game, so as not to miss the taste, but spoilers may be occasionally included in the proceeding steps of the review, it is worthwhile to obey already.

The Last Guardian turns out to be a game based on puzzles. We are trying to get out of our loving creatures Trico and Trico and the huge structures we are imprisoned. We do get a lot of help from Trico when we do this. But we need to bond with him for that.

At the beginning of the game, this bond with Trico is not very strong, so it may not help you much. Even when you get to a high place from time to time, it can take a long time to help you get along and help you get out where you want. But then a moment comes, and suddenly you are able to communicate with him. So you can give commands to Trico using the control keys and you can move on to a new stage in this vantage point.

Meanwhile, the only action in the game is not to walk around narrow corridors between gigantic structures or pass through closed doors. With Trico, your enemies are running around. From time to time throughout your journey, the sculptures that are out of the blue revive and try to hurt you, not to harm Trico. Stone sculpture Trico takes care of it. All you have to do is take them to the front of Trico, that’s all.

Trico, when you get hurt, you need to remove the spears like you did at the game. On the other hand, you need to find the blue barrels that power it for power collection and bring it in front of you for your food. By the way, I have to say: Trico gets angry from time to time and starts to roar around. In such cases you will climb on your back and see him calm down.

Graphics and camera angles

I do not know if you played Shadow of the Colossus, but this name is at the head of games that are still to be played on PS2. The visual of The Last Guardian is exactly like Shadow of the Colossus.

All the surrounding details, decorated with pastel colors, Trico’s design and behavior, and of course the background view is beautiful. Especially if you are playing on the big screen, you might think you are sitting in front of an oil painting when you look around. Of course, it could be prepared in more detail. In this sense, The Last Guardian is not a game that uses all the power of your PS4 and PS4 Pro. It’s more like a game adapted from the PS3.

But I found the animation of Trico especially striking. I can say graphically that perhaps this is the most beautiful thing about the game. Trico’s behavior does not stay strong after a while and tries to establish an emotional connection between you and Trico.

In the meantime, I have to say: PlayStation 4 Pro owners can play this game with 4K Upscale.

There are two basic problems with the game. The first controls the camera, the other the cameras. If you start with the controls, you have a serious sense of difficulty at first. It is possible to overcome this after a while. However, a more comfortable control system could be preferred.

The bigger problem is that you can experience great troubles from time to time about camera advances. The most serious aspect of the game will be in this direction. Especially in narrow areas due to the camera opening to check the character can become a big trouble. So much so that after the game you may want to continue.

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