Methods of obtaining new baby Pokémon from Pokémon GO


We have informed you that you can get new baby Pokémon after the last update to Pokémon GO. Although there has been no update about breeding our monsters, new monsters are always a sign of improvement. Since the update was presented to the players, all active players were focused on walking again, because the newcomer Pokémon comes out of cracking eggs at 2,5 and 10 kilometers. Let’s just look at how we can get these cute monsters right away.

How do we get the eggs?

The eggs of the new monsters are no different from the eggs we are used to. So stop by the nearest PokéStop and take your pokéball and medicines with your eggs.

Where are the Incubators from?

From the moment you start playing, you have an Incubator that you have the right to use unlimitedly. Despite this, it will increase your chances to crack more than one egg at a time so that Pokemon, who will leave your egg, will be newcomers. To purchase more Incubators, go to the shop using the Pokémon GO item and purchase as many as you like.

Which egg, which Pokémon is it?

One of the things that players noticed was that every new Pokémon did not have the same rate. This means that different Pokémon are coming out of the eggs with different mileage limits. Let’s take a look at them immediately:

  • Igglybuff and Cleffa are out of 2 kilos of eggs
  • Pichu and Togepi are out of 5 kilos of eggs
  • Magby, Elekid and Smoochum are out of 10-kilogram eggs.

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With evolution, transition to new Pokémon is possible.

Topegi, the first generation, can evolve into a second-generation Togetic with 50 candies. This means that other first-generation monsters can also evolve into second-generation monsters. There is no certainty in this matter yet, but we think that this situation will be opened with future updates.

Finally, you can come across the Pikachu with Santa’s hat in conjunction with the approaching Christmas. If these Pikachu evolved and made Raichu, we would like to make good news to you that their hats are left! Are you excited to catch the new generation of Pokémon, or are you able to complete the first generation list, dear readers? We look forward to your comments.

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