How to Prevent WhatsApp Mark Your Messages as Read


The blue check that says the message has been read in WhatsApp can be disabled. The problem is that by doing this, we will not be able to know if they read it to us. But there is a method if we are root. Thanks to Xposed and NoWhatsApp.

NoWhatsApp will allow us to see if our messages have been read but we will avoid that, on the contrary, another contact will know if we have read it. Of course, you have to keep in mind that they will know when we respond to the message. But if we just read it there will be no problem and it will show as if we had not seen it.

How to Prevent WhatsApp Mark Your Messages as Read

In order to use No WhatsApp the first thing to do is to have the Xposed Framework installed and activated. From the Xposed Installer repository, we will download NoWhatsApp Receipts. Then simply install the module and activate it in the download list.

Then reboot the device and we will have everything ready.

Is there any risk?
Do not worry about any possible ban. As you know WhatsApp usually ban accounts that use modifications of their own application but in this case no modification is made on the messaging application. So we will not have to worry at all. Most users were asked about XDA Developers without any problems or problems.

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