‘Super Mario Run’ Disappoints Nintendo and Investors


Super Mario Run has been featured on Apple’s iPhone 7 event in September. The game met with the players on December 15 after an exciting wait. In a short period of time, the application, which managed to reach high downloads, had settled at the top of the App Store in both download counts and revenue lists.

However, the table at the end of the first week does not look like it had met the expectations of Nintendo. According to the Wall Street Journal, Super Mario Run’s first-week performance does not seem to satisfy neither Nintendo nor investors.

Nintendo’s investors are said to have some concerns about the overall profitability of the game. The news also draws attention to the different feedbacks from the players.

In Super Mario Run, players have to pay $26.99 to be able to access all levels in the game. No other payment is required in the vote. However, investors think that games such as Pokemon Go are better in terms of profitability. Especially with in-app purchases, the level of profitability of the game is said to be consistently high.

This idea of ​​investors brings to mind the possibility of adding extra content to Super Mario Run to increase Nintendo’s profitability. However, the company is not considering adding new content to Super Mario Run for the time being.

Nintendo may not update for Super Mario Run except for bug fixes

Super Mario Run is a pretty deep game. Therefore, it can be said that there is no concern of the players as extra content. The time Nintendo will annex this game, it will be more gratifying for the players to allocate for the development of new games.

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