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Sims 3 is a life simulated game. Sims 3 is developed by The Sims Studio and Electronic arts. Sims 3 is available for all PC’s higher than Pentium 4 processors, Consoles and android based smartphones.

Sims 3 is a type of a real life game where you control your character, make your house, make relationship’s and achieve the life goals as we do in our real lives. Sims 3 is available for both MAC and Windows. Sims 3 is the third major title of Sims series. Sims include its service packs which the user can download and add more features in the game.


Sims includes unlimited features in it. Sims 3 is a free game to play. Create your own Sim in the game, keep his gender, pick his clothes, type your name, and add your skills and hobbies. Buying a house in the game and place you Sim and decorate your home to make it more beautiful.

The Careers choosing is one of the enjoyable things in this game chose your careers like law enforcements, athlete, musician, political, professional sports, criminal. Service pack has more jobs like a firefighter, ghost hunters, stylist, investigator, Architectural Designer. Part time jobs are also included in it like a store clerk, spa receptionist, bookstore keeper.
Along you will be going old on the job, your pay will be increasing along. But part-time employment will give little pays.

Sims 3 has bought and sell features you can buy anything from the purchase option for things like a new car, furniture, light, extend your house and many other things, you can buy and sell in the Sims. Pets features that you can buy your pet cat or dog buy expensive pets, and they will find more treasure. Your sim can train your pet. Purchase a dog house for your pet or cat house. Feed your pets.

Make your world. Meet your neighbors. Throw a party call the people make your relation with them go for hangout marry someone makes future planning and kids and be a real family.

Game Play

Sims 3 is not much easy to play. For the beginner the game instruct the user that how to play the game. First of all, make your Sim choose a skill for him and hobbies for him put his name and ready the game then after that buy a house for your Sim make it furnish decorate your home and garden. After this read the newspaper in the game to get a suitable job for your Sim and start your career to success in the game. Meet different people around you and make them your friends and make a relationship with each other. Keep your Sim status bar full. And it will be easy for us to play the game easily.








System Requirements:

Windows XP/Visit/7/8

CPU: Intel P4 2.0 GHz.



GPU: AMD  Radeon Xpress 1100 128 MB

DirectX Version: DX 9 or Above

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