2020 Tokyo Game Show Cancelled

Another convention has been terminated because of the novel coronavirus. It was announced that the 2020 Tokyo Game Show would be cancelled because of COVID-19. This venue would’ve held spectators between September 24th to 27th, with the convention centre being located a short distance from Tokyo. Instead of being stuck at Makuhari Messe, TSG 2020 will be managed as an exclusive online venue. This marks the 1st time in the Tokyo Game Shows history that they’ve cancelled the site, with TSG first appearing in 1996.

This announcement hasn’t surprised video game enthusiasts in Asia, America, and Europe. Every gaming event in 2020 has been terminated in response to the novel coronavirus. This included PAX East, PSG, Gamescom, and E3 2020. Cancellations have extended to the United States of America, the European Union, and now Asian Territories.

Having to announce their cancelled venue comes as a significant disappointment for organizers. It would’ve been the 1st public gaming event to allow Microsoft and Sony to showcase their next-generation of video game consoles. Information on the Series X and PlayStation Five have been limited because of the novel coronavirus. The details that have been released were announced exclusively through digital platforms, allowing for Sony and Microsoft to engage with social distancing protocols.

The Series X Begins Advertising

Microsoft began unveiling their promotional advertisements for the Xbox Series X on May 9th. It didn’t reveal anything particularly new to supporters of this console. Every title showcased was third-party developed, including titles like Madden 21 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Microsoft refused to release any footage regarding their exclusive claims, like Halo Infinite. It’s caused speculation that Microsoft isn’t capable of developing games for their respective console, especially when none of their unique Xbox Series X titles will be released at launch.

Sony Beating Xbox

Most video game analysts have agreed that Xbox unveiling a third-party lineup was foolish. The Sony Corporation is considerably more strategic, releasing incremental footage or details on exclusive titles. This includes the Last of Us Part II and Horizon Zero Dawn Two. It was revealed earlier this week that HZD2 would push the graphical boundaries and provide gamers with an unforgettable experience. Microsoft can’t compete with that level of advancement, as the Series X doesn’t support the same level of computing strength as the PS5.

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