Microsoft & Epic Games Cancel GDC Shows

Another big hit was served to GDC 2020 after it was announced by Epic Games and Microsoft that neither will be attending the event out of concerns relating to the spreading of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The announcement that Microsoft would withdraw was made on its developer website. It stated: “after a close review of guidance […]

Sony PAX East 2020 Event Cancelled

The drastic rate of cancellations for public events has been rampant since January 1st, 2020. These terminated events follow after the coronavirus outbreak occurred in China, with the latest cancellation being confirmed by Sony. The technology conglomerate confirmed that the PlayStation demos for PAX East 2020 had been cancelled. This comes as a significant loss […]

E3 2020 Line-up Confirmed

Gaming enthusiasts became excited after the 2020 Line-up for the Electronics Expo was announced on February 13th. Located in Los Angeles, E3 2020 sets to differentiate itself from previous iterations of this event. It’ll be more inclusive for games and the streaming community, allowing for this exposition to remain relevant in the ever-changing video game […]

New COD Coming in 2021

The Call of Duty Franchise refuses to give up their yearly release schedule. After numerous gaming analysts believe that Activision – Blizzard wouldn’t release a new entry into this series in 2020, corporation executives confirmed that an updated version of COD would be released in November. Confirmation on which studio is developing the title and […]