Multiplayer Mode for Watch Dogs Legion Postponed

Technical issues have prompted the immediate postponement of “Watch Dogs: Legion – Multiplayer Mode”, a video game recently released by Ubisoft. Gamers aren’t surprised by the delay following Covid-19 & Ubisoft’s reputation for releasing unfinished titles. Those hoping to experience the multiplayer component of Watch Dogs: Legion will have to wait until 2021. It was […]

Amazon Developing Lord of the Rings MMO

Video games is becoming a prominent factor towards Amazon’s yearly growth. Multiple titles are in-development with studios owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, with speculation indicating that a prominent property maintained by the online retailer could sustained a video game component. This follows after documents were leaked from “Middle Earth Enterprises”, which maintains the licensing […]

Capcom Victim to Ransomware Attack

Capcom issued an unfortunate announcement on the same date that Sony & Microsoft released their next-generation consoles. November 12th to 13th saw Capcom become a victim of ransomware attacks, resulting in datamined information on the upcoming “Resident Evil Eight”. Information enlisted with gamer accounts has also been targeted, prompting concern that Capcom could’ve lost the […]

PS5 Download Speeds are Faster

One notable complaint associated with the last generation of consoles was download speeds. It’d often take players with premium connections hours or days to install massive games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or Red Dead Redemption Two. Prolong installations have led to the continued adoption of disc-based games. However, consumers will become more inclined […]

COD 2021 Leaked by Inside Source

Inside sources with Activision & its subsequent development houses are continually prying for information regarding upcoming games. Unintentional information is given to those inside sources through daily conversations, with it then being reported to millions worldwide via Twitter. History repeated itself with Tom Henderson (Twitter Handle Dexerto) released information suggesting that 2021s Call of Duty […]