Amazon Developing Lord of the Rings MMO

Video games is becoming a prominent factor towards Amazon’s yearly growth. Multiple titles are in-development with studios owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, with speculation indicating that a prominent property maintained by the online retailer could sustained a video game component. This follows after documents were leaked from “Middle Earth Enterprises”, which maintains the licensing for Lord of the Rings & the Hobbit.

Game license agreements were indicated in these leaked documents, which suggests new information regarding a 2021 Lord of the Rings MMO could come from Amazon. It’s noted in these documents that Amazon maintains a co-development & co-operation agreement with a development studio creating the LOTR MMO. That developer is likely Tencent Games, which also maintains contracts with Activision for Call of Duty. They’ve proven themselves a reliable developer & would make an ample partner for Amazon Game Studios if speculation is proven accurate.

Leaked documents

Leaked documents are based on an “Amendment Acquisition Agreement” for Middle Earth Enterprises. Amazon & Tencent made a bidding offer for the acquisition contract, meaning that these leaked documents are likely correct. It’d also make sense that Amazon continued development of the LOTR MMO, with Amazon Game Studios designing a massively multiplayer online game named New World.

Completion of this MMO is slated for January 11th, 2021 under the leaked documents timeframe. Release windows would be the Holiday Season in 2022, with availability on the PlayStation5 and Xbox Series. STEAM PC Support is also detailed in the documents, which also indicate that an open beta will be released by September 2022. That means beta testers would have less than four months to complete their thorough reviews of the LOTR MMO.

No Confirmation

Confirmations haven’t been made by Amazon Game Studios is the “Lord of the Rings MMO” is being developed. That’s not surprising when remembering that New World has been delayed numerous times. AGS is likely waiting until they’ve completed the beta version of LORT MMO to announce the game publicly. However, leaked documents coming months before completion almost guarantees this information accurate. Gamers have rejoiced, with Lord of the Rings not having an MMO since the early 2000s.

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