An Abyss of Chasm Fun

It’s the rare twist on the Metroid formula that makes Chasm popular, while its demanding combat makes it stand out from a wide range of imitators. In its underground lair its monsters that roam, it’s excitingly demanding, Chasm shines as players enter a deadly area to fight off the scurrying rats, and lurching zombies. An elevated heart rate and sweaty palms are what you left with after the tense battles that keep every player glued to the action. There is a greater world waiting to be explored as new recruits are stacked away from civilization in the castle. Once the chosen path taken is the investigation of the small village and its dangers, evil beings show up in temples, the jungle and the mines.

The story starts unfolding as players release citizens from cages, each with their own tale and it makes fighting the enemies worthwhile. The main draw is combatting, and with a great selection of weapons including knives, hammers, and several swords it’s great timing that counts most. Knowing the behaviours of the enemy improves chances of survival. Learn the patterns of each enemy’s attack and patience could pay off. It could take half a dozen strikes or more to of the monsters, although only a single error can empty the life bar. In Chasm, the enemy is unforgiving and takes advantage of every mistake no matter how tiny or big. It’s the tough but fair first half that gets players hooked and prepared for the intense battles to follow.

A formidable threat is posed by bosses especially early on when the player is still inexperienced and weak, their every attack is telegraphed, and it is how many hits you can take that really matters. No matter how many times you die it is the sweet taste of victory that remains incredibly fulfilling, wipe out all the previous battles and make you excitingly look forward to exploring future challenges.

Chasm offers well-realized enemies and rich backgrounds and appeals to many who loves pixel art since it’s the attention to detail that makes a huge difference. The rats could appear almost cute as they wag their tails while sprinting towards you. With around 90 enemies to kill everyone brings new challenges with it, in this well-crafted game. You could get lost, which is frustrating, yet in some stages, it only motivates you to venture forth, test your combat skills against more challenging bosses and enjoy bigger victories. There is no question that your time is well spent in Chasm as excellent visual design combines with great combat to make the randomization of the world both fair and challenging.


• Combat encounters are tense
• Excellent animations
• Brilliant visual design
• Awesome variety of weapons
• Tough but fair


• Uneven difficulty balance
• Forgettable storyline

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