Apex Legends Coming to Esports in 2020

Enthusiasts of Apex Legends were given a piece of exciting news this week. Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind Apex Legends, announced that their Battle-Royale-Shooter would be released to Esports. Their new tournament series is beginning in February 2020, with more than twelve live events worldwide. It will be called Apex Legends Global Series and be produced by Electronic Arts/Respawn Studios. Production Partners extend to the GLL and PGL Corporations, which are providing funds towards the prize pool of this series. There will be $3 million in prizes available, with the grand prize being worth $1 million. It will be challenging to win this prize pool, with teams most likely splitting it four ways.

Apex Legends Details

Since the arrival of Apex Legends in 2018, the game has received critical acclaim from thousands of gamers. Many consider it to be the best Battle-Royale video game on the market, with colourful aesthetics and unique gameplay. It’s prompted an ecosystem of players, who have requested an Esports league for a prolonged period. Anyone that plays Apex Legends can compete for a spot in the Esports League from now until January 25th. This is similar to the way Fortnite has maintained its Esports league, with sixty countries being accepted into the tournament. The official first round of qualifying begins at the end of January, where the top teams will be selected for Round 1 of 6.

Team Details

Players will be provided with four-person teams, with three of those players directly experiencing the game. The fourth individual acts as a team manager, providing information that can assist with the competition of in-game tasks. It’s anticipated that there will be more than 100 squads, with the estimated end-date for this tournament to be March 15th, 2020. The Chief Executive Officer for Respawn Studios believes that Apex Legends in the definition of competition-shooters, providing players with a balanced map that contains unique characters with unexpected capabilities. Depending on how well this tournament plays out over the Esports league, we could see this be a reoccurring segment for the online gaming league.

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