Apex Legends Launching on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has risen in popularity tenfold over the novel coronavirus pandemic. Consumers were excited by the concept that AAA Video Games could be experienced on mobile consoles. Unlike the PS4 & Xbox One, the Switch can be ported anywhere inside the home & most games don’t require an internet connection. After the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, multiple developers that have released games for larger-scale consoles are announcing downgraded versions of those titles.

Notable games that’ve accomplished this goal includes Wolfenstein: New World Order, Doom: The Reboot, The Outer Worlds, Fortnite, and MotoGP 2019. These games have generated notable revenue through the Nintendo Switch & it’s prompted Respawn Entertainment to announce their battle royale will be released to the portable console. Apex Legends is already available for the PlayStation4, Personal Computer, and Xbox One.

Nobody was anticipating this announcement during the Electronic Arts Play Live Stream Event. Nintendo Switch fans immediately expressed their joy & excitement towards this announcement, hoping that their portable rendition of Apex Legends would be released shortly. It’s unfortunately been announced that delays with the coronavirus would enable Respawn Studios to release Apex Legends – Nintendo Switch Edition until the Holiday 2020 Season. This is yet another delay for supporting fans that’ve requested Respawn Entertainment release Apex Legends for the Switch since April 2019.

The Possibilities

There are multiple possibilities that gamers have begun discussing with the announcement that Apex Legends is coming to the Switch. It marks the first title outside of sports franchises that Electronic Arts is releasing to the Nintendo Switch. Possibilities include the introduction of other infamous franchises manufactured & published through EA. This could consist of Need for Speed, Battlefield, and Star Wars Battlefront. No announcement on additional titles has been confirmed by Electronic Arts.

Those selecting the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends receive an exclusive mode. This console supports payments through Bitcoin, an exclusive feature to this video game console. Respawn Entertainment is taking advantage of this unique feature & adding a specialized mode named “Lost Treasures”. It’ll focus on cryptocurrency, supporting many limited-time cosmetics. The Apex Legends Map itself will change during this limited-time mode.

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