Arkham Knight Game Teased by WB Games Montreal

Thousands of video game enthusiasts have requested a follow-up sequel to the Arkham Knight franchise. These requests follow after years without a new entry into the series. Luckily, those demands are being met by Warner Brother Games Montreal. This development studio began teasing another Arkham Knight title in 2019, with their most recent hint being released on social media. Locating the WB Games Montreal Instagram, Facebook or Twitter will unveil a series of images. When fans put these images together, it creates a crest symbolizing the Dark Knight. All social media postings were quoted with “Capture the Knight”, which some speculate is the upcoming slogan for this latest entry.

The slogan listed with these social media postings is the same as previous teasers. The last images and symbols released by WB Games Montreal provided more questions than answers. However, long-time fans of the Batman franchise have determined that the confusion is the answer. Its speculated that the Arkham Knight would combat the Court of Owls in his upcoming sequel. The Court of Owls is an organization that operates in the shadows, similar to that of the Illuminati. These individuals secretly control and govern over Gotham, with Bruce Wayne often learning of their existence from his billionaire status in Gotham.

Those who have played other entries in the Arkham Knight franchise will remember Warner Brothers Montreal. Previously to the development of this upcoming sequel, they had developers the Spinoff Prequel named “Batman: Arkham Origins”. This game wasn’t critically received in the same manner to its predecessors. Over time, there’s been a cult following towards the Arkham Knight prequel. Regardless, it’s been five years since the last Arkham Knight title was released by Rocksteady Games. WB Games Montreal can redevelop this franchise into their own, even with previous bad reviews.

The Last Superhero Game in 2019

Enthusiasts of the superhero genre in video games had to wait four years before another title was released. Instead of consumers receiving another Batman title in 2019, they acquired a game based around Spider-Man and his adventures in New York City. It was critically acclaimed and considered to be one of the best games in 2019. Video game analysts speculate that WB Games Montreal was put into development for a new batman title when PlayStation executives confirmed Spider-Man. It’s already been assured that this PS4 exclusive is receiving a sequel, which will combat the upcoming Arkham Knight title and Avengers game.

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