Battlefield V Review

The loot box controversy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is still fresh in the minds of most gamers, and it’s no surprise that some players are worried about the latest effort from DICE with their first-person WWII-era shooter Battlefield V. Those that are fans of the popular franchise can rest easy as there are no loot boxes in the new Battlefield V. However, there are a handful of issues that gamers need to be made aware of before they buy the game.

Light on Content and Loads of Bugs

Battlefield V is considered light on content and feels rather unfinished at times. The menus are filled with game modes which won’t be available until later next year, such as a fourth single-player War Story campaign mission, co-op, Tides of War, and Firestorm battle royale. Some content might be available within a couple of weeks, while others will only be available towards the end of March 2019.

Apart from the unavailable content, the new game also comes across as unfinished due to excessive bugs. During our review of the game, we experienced loads of technical issues in almost every single match. Thankfully, these bugs were not considered game-breaking and rather amusing in some cases. For instance, mounted weapons managed to disappear, but the soldiers still managed to shoot with them, allowing you to see bullets flying from their stretched out arms.

Some issues caused us to restart the game completely. In some cases, the game thought we were in the menu, but we were actually just loading a match. The face buttons on our controllers didn’t work, and everything was a bit blurry at times. Pausing the game seemed to help temporarily, but the only real fix was relaunching the game. Other noticeable bugs included bodies flying in mid-air before dropping to the ground, as well as invisible soldiers in the game lobby. The game developer is renowned for highly-polished shooters, making it quite bizarre to see bugs in the new Battlefield V.

Impressive Gameplay

Technical issues aside, Battlefield V provides an entertaining, addicting, and thrilling multiplayer experience where the visuals and audio quality is truly unmatched. The chaos of intense war comes to life in phenomenal fashion while playing Battlefield V where multiplayer matches evolve into a symphony of screams, gunshots, and explosions. Battlefield V’s destructible buildings are also quite impressive, allowing you to completely demolish a building with a tank. It’s quite entertaining to see a pristine building turn into burning rumble as the match unfolds.

Each and every multiplayer map looks absolutely amazing to say the least, including the massive Hamada map that allows up to 64 players at a time. The squad system has also been greatly improved, allowing players to revive their fallen teammates, encouraging them to stay close to their team members throughout the game. The overall gameplay functionality is truly remarkable, and DICE did a fantastic job to bring everything together. Once all the bug issues have been resolved, and all the game modes are available, it will definitely be one of the best games in 2018.

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