Best Arcade Racing Games for PS4 in 2019

It should come as no surprise that PS4 hasn’t had the best variety of arcade driving games in recent years. The world of arcade racing games has managed to disappear, leaving owners of PS4 consoles minimal choices to put the pedal to the metal. However, there are still some fantastic titles to look forward to in 2019. Providing all speed demons with everything they could dream of when it comes to arcade racing games.

Gran Turismo Sport

The flagship racing franchise from Sony has managed to evolve since it was initially launched and currently finds itself ahead of DriveClub by Evolution Studios. Polyphony Digital has managed to rectify release date concerns thanks to frequent updates that are free. Its incredible online racing and handling model remains the best in its class. It also manages to look far into the future, especially when you consider the PS4 Pro hardware.


The story behind DriveClub is genuinely captivating. It might have taken some time, but the racing game eventually expanded from its initial launch into a unique racing title packed with content. The overall presentation is remarkable, and the handling provides a great balance that is ideal for casual petrolheads and avid console racers. Throw in the brilliant social features, the bikes expansion, and the most rewarding season passes, and you have a marvellous racing game to look forward to.

DIRT Rally 2.0

Further building on the exceptional experience which was initially introduced in DIRT Rally. The brilliant sequel is yet another problematic game but is a new sim racer provided by Codemasters. You’ll be greeted by unforgiving handling in the beginning, but it’s incredibly rewarding to master. You’ll also appreciate the sensation of driving at remarkable speeds through various treacherous terrains. The addition of rallycross also adds a fantastic mix and a handful of small refinements to the overall gameplay makes this an essential purchase for rally fanatics.

Project CARS 2

It’s mostly the unrivalled range that manages to separate Project CARS 2 from other arcade racing titles. Even though it’s not as fully-featured as other racing games that are dedicated to their discipline. This jam-packed sequel gives players the ability to switch between go-karts, IndyCar, and rally with relative ease that is quite impressive. The ability to mix and match everything in the game also makes it quite diverse and exceptional to those that love customisation.

WipEout Omega Collection

In 2017, the father of anti-gravity racing games managed to make a return to PS4 consoles thanks to a gorgeously remastered racing title that combined content from 2048, Fury, and WipEout HD. The fluid and fast racer operates beautifully and looks exceptionally well. The game also comes equipped with VR support which has been well implemented into the game. The latest game is a clear reminder as to why WipEout is so well-received among fans. The best part about this game is that the price tag is affordable to everyone as well.

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