Best Racing Games on Nintendo Switch

Nothing comes close to taking out your Nintendo Switch in a social gathering and handing the joy cons around for some split screen fun. This is especially true when you use racing games to add an extra element of competitiveness. Everyone understands the concept of racing around the track and with the Nintendo Switch there’s plenty of decent racing opportunities for gamers to enjoy.

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

We are under the impression that a game like this needs absolutely no introduction. However, it’s still well worth a mention in our eyes. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is undoubtedly the most comprehensive release of the karting game to date. It comes equipped with the base game along with new racers and tracks, including a magnificent multiplayer mode with plenty of battle arenas to keep you entertained.

Fast RMX

If you are interested in a science fiction ship-racing game, you cannot go wrong with Fast RMX. It’s necessarily a re-release of the popular Fast Racing Neo that was launched on Wii U, featuring a total of 24 original racing tracks along with six additional tracks on the Nintendo Switch. It also comes equipped with an extra difficulty level to appeal to hardcore gamers. The game also boasts with remarkable graphics, fast-paced action, and loads of stunning sound effects to provide a truly immersive racing experience between friends.

Cars 3: Driven to Win

The Cars racing franchise from Disney is something that has produced kid-friendly video games that can be enjoyed by everyone. The aesthetics and characters alone with assisting you in becoming a phenomenal racer. However, previous versions weren’t all that exciting. Thankfully, the new Cars 3 video game on Nintendo Switch is surprisingly good and features tons of game modes and racing content. The tracks are fantastic, and the characters to race with are almost endless. The only downfall to the new Cars 3 game is the lack of a multiplayer mode.


Whenever a brand-new Nintendo console is released, players will immediately start looking for the next sequel or reboots of their favourite games from the past. Everyone is searching for the upcoming Star Fox, Super Mario, Monster Hunter, or Metroid. Racing games are never at the top of the list unless it’s F-Zero. This ship-racing, anti-gravity classic has been transformed into Redout, a phenomenal racing game featuring super-fast ships in a sci-fi environment much like Rollcage and F-Zero. The game boasts with arcade-style action and comes equipped with plenty of features to keep you intrigued.


GRIP can be considered a fantastic racing game. However, it’s regarded as much more than just a racing game if we’re sincere. It’s necessarily a combat racing game where you can use several unique and innovative powerups to blast your opponents off the track to take the lead. With an almost endless supply of tracks, weapons, and cars, GRIP is one of the ultimate racing games to play with more action than any other racing game on our list.

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