Best Sporting Activity for Xbox One

There are so many games available, but we all want to play the best of the best. Hence a quick review on some of the best sporting options for your Xbox One. Covering a couple of various sports including football, hockey, golf, soccer and no list is complete without some speed.

DiRT Rally

This game is probably not only bringing the best rally racing to Xbox One but can be considered as an all-time best in rally racing games. Expect brilliantly realistic graphics and audio which bring you to engine sounds as if at the actual event. The handling of the cars is truly a pleasant surprise as well. With realistic and challenging manoeuvres and sometimes the tracks can be considered to be just merely brutal. You will need patience and practice to develop the skills required for success, but through your dedication, you will be rewarded by entering a world of the most realistic rally racing game ever.

NHL 19

EA became a name we trust for delivering hockey action, and NHL 19 is no different. It brings players more than 200 greats in the hockey world to compete against. This game is definitely for the hardcore hockey player. The greatness of the game is set in the Real Player Motion technology which it delivers. This streamlines the player control. So if you are ready to take Wayne Gretzky on in a one-on-one, the NHL 19 is the way to hit the ice.

Madden NFL 19

Madden is a name known for continually improving and raising the benchmark on football games. Madden NFL 19 is keeping up with that reputation. Still considered to be one of the best football simulation games. The realism which the play offers is backed by Real Player Motion. Customize your rosters, stats and teams. Madden NFL 19 remains a top dog in the ranks of football games.

The Golf Club

Create your course or immerse yourself in the greenery of the existing classes. The shot modification system allows players to try out a variety of golf clubs and make calculated changes on their swings. No restrictions are placed on play and players have a type of option on how they want to play every single ball. Loading time between shots has been limited to almost none. Enjoy multiplayer tournaments with family, friends and foes.


Already a leader in the marketplace, yet FIFA didn’t hold back on making improvements on this new version of the well-loved game. This game is currently the closest which you will get to real-life play except for being on the field itself. Different modes allow players to diversify their interactions. Look out for Career Mode, The Journey and Timed Finishing, which all bring you gripping experiences with realistic graphics. Playstyle can be customized, and therefore, it is accommodating to both newbies as well as some hardcore players. Create your team of winners and get ready for the World Cup.

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