Best Upcoming Video Games for 2019

 We are finally into the New Year and its time to discover the offerings that 2019 will bring in terms of upcoming video games. With tons of exhilarating titles on the way, it’s never too early to start saving for future game releases. You’ll be pleased to know that we compiled a list of the best new games for 2019 along with some lesser-known hits that will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

•    Release Date: 18 January 2019

•    Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

The flight simulation series from Bandai Namco is preparing to make a massive comeback in 2019 with extraordinary dogfight action. The fast-paced, action-packed aerial skirmishes looks absolutely mind-blowing whether you’re in third-person view or piloting directly from the cockpit in first-person. The campaign also promises to be one-of-a-kind along with a healthy dose of Top Gun melodrama and political intrigue

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

•    Release Date: 18 January 2019

•    Platforms: Switch

The twisted, brash, beam assassin with a Katana is back, and he looks more stylish than ever. If you think it’s a No More Heroes 3 sequel, you’d be wrong, as this is essentially a spin off which revolves around notable indie games, such as Badman and Hotline Miami. Travis is eagerly waiting for some revenge in a deadly world filled with absurdity, panache, and overwhelming violence is spectacular fashion. 

Resident Evil 2

•    Release Date: 25 January 2018

•    Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Ps4

Fans have been waiting for this for a very long time, and Capcom has finally answered. The remake of Resident Evil 2 will transport you back to the survival horror classic where you will be reacquainted with Clair Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy as you fight for survival in Raccoon City that is completely taken over by a virus. It’s amazing to see what technology is capable of after two decades since the classic was released. Zombies are now in full HD, covered in rotting flesh, slime, and blood. The over-the-shoulder, third-person camera will also provide gameplay that is more in line with today’s expectations.

Kingdom Hearts 3

•    Release Date: 29 January 2019

•    Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

There’s no better way to start 2019 that with the incredible Disney/Final Fantasy mash up. Although the game was delayed once again during 2018’s E3, you’ll be pleased to know that Square Enix is quite serious about the launch window in January. From Wreck It Ralph to Frozen, Kingdom Hearts 3 is utilising the full Disney brand to ensure players can enjoy a captivating experience.

Far Cry New Dawn

•    Release Date: 15 February 2019

•    Platforms: Pc, Xbox One, PS4

This is another incredible spinoff in the open-world series from Ubisoft, but this time around it’s more in line with the mainline games. After Montana is completely bombed in Far Cry 5, the new instalment will skip ahead to a beautiful countryside where humans try to recover from the devastating nuclear blasts.

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