Bow to Blood Review

For once we are just going straight into what is worth getting triply excited about. Bow to Blood is deceptively strategic, it lends weight to every single action, its frantic, micromanagement system hugely enhances gameplay, and its vibrant, bold world offers hours of exploring.

What most players will immediately thank the developers for is that they never went down the multiplayer route and instead decided to include the same televised tournament set most favoured in both Starblood and Rigs. What would have indeed been a loss is that Tribetoy’s VR debut might have easily ended up as one of the instantly-forgotten wastelands in the online world. What a waste indeed that would be as the game’s unique blend of strategic relationships, mix of resource management and arena-based combat makes it one of the most satisfying and dynamic PSVR game of the year.

Bow to Blood True VR Game

Gone with nauseating online battles, Bow to Blood knows how to take a much more considered approach in answering millions call for a “true” VR game. Its permadeath, randomised campaign comprises of seven main events split up into multiple matches with sever interchanging features. It means that no playthrough are identical while it also keeps you considering every single move from a choice in words to the fire of a cannon. Simplistic thrills start with immediate gameplay, and players get to be a pilot of a flying boat, maps are large and offers stomach-churning turns, and it could even provide you with a bit of seasickness. By fulfilling objectives largely comes down to fend off any attackers.

Layers Building up to the Action Make Bow to Blood Brilliant

There is lots of micromanagement, and by assigning AI companionships to fulfil different roles such as turrets and shields or rearranging your ships constantly, the game could take a deep strategic turn to offer an enhanced engaging edge. Damage components repairs demand quick order issuing and at times firepower needs to be exchanged for speed escaping. The crowning feature of Bow to Blood, the tournament and how to stay ahead, end up as one of the lowest-scorers and you at risk of being voted off. The only way to survive is by building relationships with those that might be competitors approaching you during the matches to form alliances, want info or play tricks.

Bow to Blood worth Playing?

Yes, there is no doubt you’ll love the randomised battling and the deliciously strategic bits, it’s a game that stands out from the rest. I vote it could be PSVR’s most enjoyed sleeper hits now and remain it for quite a few years. That is not to say there aren’t a few tiny things that could not improve, but overall, it’s a game well worth playing so get ready to Bow to Blood!

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