Capcom Victim to Ransomware Attack

Capcom issued an unfortunate announcement on the same date that Sony & Microsoft released their next-generation consoles. November 12th to 13th saw Capcom become a victim of ransomware attacks, resulting in datamined information on the upcoming “Resident Evil Eight”. Information enlisted with gamer accounts has also been targeted, prompting concern that Capcom could’ve lost the payment details of millions. Thorough investigations are being sustained to guarantee that attackers are located & internationally charged.

Press releases issued by Capcom clarified that “Customized Ransomware Attacks” was issued onto their servers. It’d led investigators to believe that attackers are connected to Capcom Corporate, and were aware of critical details of bypass cybersecurity protocols. Personal information subjecting to company details were leaked online minutes to hours after the attacks. Financial information & sales reports from Capcom over the last decade were digitally circulated, with nine previously employees having personal information released to various sites. Knowledge of these individuals included their number, address, name, date of birth, and health concerns. Those employees have subsequently deleted their online personas & changed the required information to avoid continued harassment.

Capcom revealed that concerns regarding the details of 350+ thousand customers worldwide, and dozens of business partners could be published online. This information being leaked would prompt a backlash against the brand, enforce penalties on Capcom, and require enhanced cybersecurity. If found that an employee at Capcom committed these crimes, the corporation will be held responsible & penalized significantly.

Leaked Games

Additional details that were leaked online regarding upcoming titles from Capcom. Resident Evil Eight had critical storyline details revealed, and investor-exclusive announcements suggested that two sequels are being developers for RE8. Gaming leaks also indicate that “Monster Hunter” and “Lost Planet” could be rebooted by 2022 for the PS5/Xbox Series. We recommend that readers hold judgment over leaked information, which could prove inaccurate months to years later from Capcom’s press release.

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