COD 2021 Leaked by Inside Source

Inside sources with Activision & its subsequent development houses are continually prying for information regarding upcoming games. Unintentional information is given to those inside sources through daily conversations, with it then being reported to millions worldwide via Twitter. History repeated itself with Tom Henderson (Twitter Handle Dexerto) released information suggesting that 2021s Call of Duty is another entry into the Modern Warfare franchise.

Henderson clarified via Twitter that his announcement of “Modern Warfare Two” isn’t mean to distract from Call of Duty: Black ops Cold War. Revealing that a sequel for MW2019 is arriving for 2021 was praised by thousands of fans, with responses from Henderson noting his information is minimal. All he’s been told is the upcoming entry in Call of Duty for 2021 supporters a modern-day setting. His inside source at Activision didn’t clarify which development studio is creating this entry.

COD Ecosystem supports multiple eras

The Call of Duty Ecosystem supports multiple eras throughout history, with Treyarch designing games from the 1940s to 1990s. Infinity Ward has created Call of Duty’s meant for a modern-day or futuristic setting. Subsequently, Tom Henderson has suggested that Infinity Ward didn’t stop their development cycle & that MW2021 began being created in 2018. That means Infinity Ward would’ve had two teams dedicated to separate entries in one saga of games. The initial team completed development on MW2019, with the 2nd group starting MW2021.

It’s unsurprising that Activision is requiring Infinity Ward to develop a follow-up for Modern Warfare 2019. However, nobody had anticipated it’d come two years after launching. Activision clarified years ago that development houses would be permitted three years to complete their Call of Duty. The aforementioned theory suggested by Tom Henderson is the exclusive manner that Infinity Ward could be the developers behind MW2021. Dedicated supporters of this franchise are unlikely to obtain additional information until the E3 2020 Expo. For now, the main focus of Activision is releasing Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War is releasing on November 13th. It’ll support three different modes, including Multiplayer & Zombies. Treyarch is also releasing their version of Warzone & looking to combat Infinity Ward for dominance in the Battle Royale mode.

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