Cognitive Benefits When Playing Sports Video Games

Contrary to popular belief that video gaming is merely an addictive source of diversion and entertainment. Recent research has proven that sports video games offer several benefits, including the development of cognitive skills in adults as well as in children. Just like physical exercise help with strengthening and improving muscles. Sports video games help to incorporate one’s brain into the continuous simulation, therefore improving the performance of the mind. Let’s take a look at how sports video games provide several cognitive benefits.

Improves Coordination

When a child or adult plays a sports video game, they are not merely starring at a screen inactively. The actions and activities on the screen offer loads of mental stimulation. To successfully play a sports game, they need to coordinate physical, audial, and visual movement.

Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Sports video games come equipped with various rules. This essentially means that a gamer needs to think carefully before a move is made to make sure they remain within the rules of a particular sports game. Split-second decisions need to be made by the player that will determine if they will advance to the next stage or level.

Enriches Memory

Playing your favourite sports video game might require both audial and visual memory. The gamer will be needed to listen or read specific instructions that will only be available at the start of the game. Therefore, they need to remember these instructions throughout the game to be successful. Mastering the keys on a controller or keyboard will assist you in moving your character throughout the game. This dramatically improves your memory, whether it is long-term or short-term.

Improves Concentration and Attention

Sports video games, such as Madden, NHL 19, MLB The Show 19, and others, have proven to have the capabilities of capturing a gamer’s attention from start to finish. This is accomplished by the player’s need to achieve every objective and mission within the game, allowing them to progress to the next stage or level.

Fantastic source of Learning

Sports video games are not only beneficial to teenagers and adults but children as well. Most of the modern education organisations incorporate sports video games as a method of teaching. This helps children to improve their academic skills by offering sports video games that are designed to enhance their creative and cognitive skills.

Brain Speed is Improved

While playing sports video games, the brain will receive several stimulations, both audial and visual. According to research, gamers who enjoy playing sports video games will usually be able to process stimuli at a much faster rate when compared to other individuals. These stimulations make sure that the brain is continuously working to interpret them.

Increases Multitasking Skills

A sports video game will require players to be very observant. Players will need to control the actions of players with a keyboard or controller while looking at the multiple features on the screen. Including time remaining, current score, available players on the field, substitutions, oncoming opponents, and more.

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