Crucible Development is Cancelled

Free-to-Play Shooters have become a substantial norm in the video game industry. Largescale studios are developing their respective versions, hoping to garner similar profits to Fortnite. Few have managed to compete against the powerhouse that is Fortnite, with Apex Legends & Call of Duty Warzone.

Amazon Game Studios was hoping to create a game that succeeded past the popularity of Fortnite, Apex, or Warzone. That goal has proven unrealistic for Amazon Games, prompting the announcement that Crucible has cancelled its development. This revelation comes five months after the FTPS was launched in May 2020. It shows that Amazon Game Studios is struggling to manufacture core games like Crucible.

Crucible won’t die without a proper goodbye, with Amazon Game Studios announcing that there’ll be a “Final In-Game Community Celebration” through the official Discord channel. After the celebration has completed, matchmaking on Crucible will enter offline status. It means those wanting to continue competing in the matchmaking events of Crucible require a LAN-Connection with local PCs. Multiplayer for this FTPS will end on November 9th at 3 pm.

Gamers that’ve purchased “In-Game or DLC” items via Steam or Amazon have been ensured full refunds. Hundreds of virtual items have been sold for sale with Crucible Online, meaning Amazon will return likely $100k or more. Five months of sales won’t easily be accounted for after Amazon Game Studios determined from player feedback that Crucible should go offline. AGS will prioritize developers working on Crucible to other unknown projects, which Amazon state will be announced at E3 2021.

One Door Closes & Another Opens

An official statement was issued regarding the offline status of Crucible. During the Final Dev Update for Crucible, the development team informed fans that their support rallied the development of this game & that responses seen recently have made us reconsider Crucible. Through your feedback, we’ve determined that an unhealthy & unsustainable future would arrive for the Crucible community. Subsequently, developers will support the development team on “The New World” from Amazon Game Studios. It’s slated to be the most prominent MMO Video Game ever developed by one studio. Those requiring a refund for their In-Game purchases can contact Amazon support. Details regarding your account will be asked before refunds are returned.

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