Darksiders 3 Review

After defeating the final boss several times just to see the final cut-scene to the end of the game, we can confirm that the new Darksiders 3 video game is a broken mess and its quite baffling to see that the game has been released to the world in its current state. Gamers are going to encounter more technical glitches and issues than enemies while playing the game, and considering the almost endless range of enemies in the new instalment, that’s saying something. We encountered everything from bizarre bugs where Fury managed to disappear off the screen to invisible walls and more.

Texture and Audio Failures

Darksiders 3 doesn’t just suffer from bugs and technical glitches. Textures frequently fail to load, even though there’s continuous freeze-frame loading screens, which are ugly and washed out and audio loves to cut out on a semi-regular basis, impacting the overall audio for the entire PS4 console, removing sound effects for both the game and dashboard too. This essentially occurs when trophies are awarded during the cut-scene clips, forcing you to reset the console to properly fix the audio issues. We initially thought it was the console we were using, but none of the other games could replicate it.

The wide variety of technical problems makes it impossible to recommend Darksiders 3 to the public, but even if the technical issues wasn’t a problem, it’s still considered an unimaginative and boring action game, failing to capture the sensational magic of the first two instalments in any way. Darksiders 3 has less puzzles this time round and far too much combat, which obviously isn’t a big deal but even the combat is mundane.

Puzzles and Combat

The puzzles in Darksiders 3 is clever but unfortunately very repetitive and the reliance on the combat sequences makes the gameplay experience a complete drag. The strategy for each and every enemy is the same, which includes dodging at the right time and punching the attack button, that’s it. It never goes beyond this and we recommend avoiding fighting multiple enemies at once as it will only result in a cheap, annoying death.

The combat in Darksiders 3 goes from mediocre to dreadful due to the awful frame rate. With almost nothing going on in the game, it will chug along, occasionally to the point where it looks like a wonderful slideshow as oppose to a cohesive image. Combat is all about timing dodges in Darksiders 3, making it impossible to successfully beat certain enemies on higher settings due to the unreliable frame rate.

The horrible frame rate drags down the gameplay in Darksiders 3, and the checkpoint system makes matters even worse. The game’s checkpoints are far and few and should you die before reaching one of these rare checkpoints, you’ll need to repeat loads of unpleasant combat sequences again before you can save. Overall, the game should have been tested time and time again before it was released to the public. At the moment, it’s a game that you’ll need to avoid until everything is fixed.

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