Detroit: Become Human Review

When players start the Detroit: Become Human game, they will be greeted with a phenomenal android serving as the host for the game while browsing through the options in the menu. Sensational facial animation helps the android host look lifelike, stunning, and almost human. This initial encounter with the android host might seem insignificant, but it’s a remarkable first impression that allows players to realise that this is one of the best-looking games to date.

Animation and Graphics

Considered one of the most visually spectacular games on any platform, the level of animation and detail on the android host in Detroit: Become Human can be seen throughout the entire video game. The visuals are further enhanced with world-class voice work which provides a real sense of presence to all characters that you’ll encounter during the story. The value of production is second to none, and it’s worth finding out more about the game for that alone.

It might seem strange to start a review with voice acting and visuals as opposed to gameplay, but these things are prioritised over gameplay when it comes to Detroit: Become Human. Like the previous work from director/writer David Cage and Quantic Dream, this game is considered to be more like an interactive film instead of a full-fledged game.

Story Mode

Detroit: Become Human takes place in 2038 in Detroit, Michigan. The future allows humans to buy numerous advanced androids to serve several functions, but they are essentially designed as slaves. As technology advances, these android slaves start to develop emotions like fear and empathy, and these emotions start to drive androids to question their enslavement where they begin to fight back.

The story of this incredible video game is both relatable and engrossing. You will get three playable androids, including Markus, Kara, and Connor, each with distinct personalities, their own point of views, and their own struggles about the volatile situation between androids and humans. The video game jumps between all three characters, ensuring the story doesn’t get stale, and all of them will help shine a light on the various aspects of life as an android.

Changing the story and making decisions is a key element when playing Detroit: Become Human, and you will quickly notice this with all three android characters. Most games that are narrative driven, such as Heavy Rain, are designed around this idea where players will have a sizeable impact on the characters and overall story. In most cases, this video game lives up to its promise along with flowcharts that gives players a distinct idea of where the story branched from.

Overall Impression

Detroit: Become Human might not provide much to players who don’t enjoy the style this game offers, but David Cage fans should understand that this is probably the best story he developed so far. It’s miles ahead of Beyond: Two Souls, and although it might not be as cutting-edge as Heavy Rain, it still offers an incredible ride with an interesting story and mind-blowing visuals.

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