Diversity Initiatives Announced by Ubisoft

The Ubisoft Corporation announced on September 10th the launch of two Diversity Programs, who are aimed towards representing the female workforce at greater levels in their company. This news was announced days before Ubisoft’s “Ways Forward Event”, which will unveil all the upcoming games from this publisher. Executives with Ubisoft have a notable concern that recent allegations & evidence regarding corporate dealings will abolish their dwindling reputation.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, acknowledged via pre-recorded video that his company had faced substantial problems around sexual harassment & misconduct. Yves also admitted to Ubisoft’s failures in using Black Lives Matter symbolism in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

The first initiative announced by Ubisoft is named “The Women’s Develop Mentorship”, which focuses on selecting female applicants that can sustain a long-term career in video game development. Program launches will begin on September 14th, allowing for female applications to receive employment at three Ubisoft Studios. This includes the San Francisco, Toronto, and Kyiv locations.

Ubisoft’s second initiative towards the increased representation of women follows identical formats to the first. Named the “Ubisoft Graduate Program”, it’ll focus on creating opportunities for a multitude of underrepresented groups in the North American Corporate landscape. Underrepresented groups will primarily revolve around women & African Americans. Mentorship will be provided at the Paris and London Ubisoft Studios.

Ubisoft Donates to NAACP Legal Defence Fund

The Ubisoft Company has faced a multitude of corporate allegations between June to September 2020. This included sexual assault allegations, which led towards multiple Ubisoft executives being terminated effective immediately. Another wave of backlash evoked this publisher when BLM Activists found Black Lives Matter Symbolism in “Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad”. BLM Symbolism was used by a fictional terrorist group named UMBRA, suggesting that the Black Lives Matter Movement resembles American-born terrorism. In response, Ubisoft Executives announced they’d donate $1 Million towards the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” Legal Defence Fund.

Donations made by Ubisoft Executives fail in-comparison to the companies tarnished reputation. Corporate misconduct, sexual harassment, racism, and unfavourable working conditions have made Ubisoft a respective joke amongst the video game industry.

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