Does Far Cry 5 live up to the Hype?

Although Ubisoft experienced some success with the release of their first and second Far Cry games, the series only really took off with the release of Far Cry 3. It provided a captivating open world game that managed to sell millions of copies and claimed several year-end awards, allowing Ubisoft to release a handful of follow-ups which attempted to offer the same magic. The series of Far Cry games, after the release of Far Cry 3, have been well-received and decent, but none of them managed to live up to the hype. However, Far Cry 5 is certainly the exception.

What Makes Far Cry 5 So Special?

Far Cry 5 offers a streamlined and ground-breaking experience on the open world recipe established by previous games. For instance, instead of hunting animals to successfully craft equipment and upgrades, almost every upgrade can be purchased with perks. Obviously, animals can still be hunted, but this time around players don’t have to suffer through a long animation video to skin them, and the animal skins can be sold at various shops as opposed to using them for crafts. Furthermore, instead of climbing towers to unlock sections of the map, the entire map is already unlocked, allowing players to locate new areas of interests and will be introduced to brand-new characters.

The overall result is that the new Far Cry 5 performs at a much faster pace when compared to previous games in the series, and this is certainly a huge benefit to players. The merciful fast travel system will also allow players to jump from one mission to the next without the need to walk several miles over the map like in previous games. With Far Cry 5, players will constantly be in the action as the story moves along, making it extremely difficult to quit the game.

Mission Structure

The one factor that isn’t perfect in Far Cry 5 is the mission structure. Players are required to earn ‘resistance points’ to eventually unlock the final mission in every sector of the map, and in most cases, this will require repetitive grinding like rescuing hostages or destroying cult property. Although most of the side missions carry loads of substance and are quite meaningful, some of them will require you to do boring things quite a few times, like destroying vehicles or fetching quests. The repetitiveness also becomes quite an issue during the main story too.

Character Development

The fantastic character development in Far Cry 5 can be witnessed not only through the villains you will encounter, but with the allies, you make during the game as well. Both Far Cry 3 and 4 only presented one standout antagonist, while the latest release will feature 4 and each of them will provide the same level of care as Pagan Min and Vaas. Besides Joseph Seed, you will also need to contend against his sibling’s Faith, John, and Jacob, each of them with their own unique stories. This makes things even more interesting and quite satisfying to defeat.

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