Dragon Age Five Still in Development

The 5th iteration into the Dragon Age franchise will arrive for the next generation of consoles. Gamers obtained their 1st look into the game two years after it was initially announced, which was meant to provide confidence behind the development. Electronic Arts confirmed that BioWare had continued development from their homes, which was forced onto personnel after the COVID-19 pandemic broke-out in the United States. Still, progress is being made daily towards the final product.

July 22nd saw BioWare’s Executive Producer on Dragon Age 5 clarified the timeframe for development over Twitter. Sentiments suggest that home-based development will hurt their release schedule, which has been consistent for most upcoming games. Supporters behind the Dragon Age franchise are notably disappointed with the forthcoming postponements. The 5th entry into this series was first announced in 2018, with details regarding its gameplay & launch date having been kept secret by BioWare. Inside sources with BioWare have surfaced details that’ve provided minor hope to fans.

The 2018 Game Awards Show saw BioWare announce Dragon Age 5, emphasizing a tagline that reads “The Dread Wolf Rises”. Nobody has deciphered what these namesakes could mean. BioWare confirmed two-years-ago that replaying “Dragon Age Origins” and reviewing its mythology would unlock what this namesake means. Not a single fan has deciphered what “The Dread Wolf Rises” means, but know that when this storyline is unveiled, it’ll be shown through the PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X.

Gamers are concerned that elements of Dragon Age Five will resemble “Anthem” & “Mass Effect 5”, the two recent games from BioWare. Horrible reviews and poor gameplay limited the sales of both titles. Anthem was meant to become a trilogy series for BioWare and has now been cancelled. Electronic Arts promise that BioWare won’t follow their previous microtransaction strategies, focusing on gameplay elements seen with the original Mass Effects & Dragon Ages.

The Dragon Age Franchise

Electronic Arts implored BioWare to create a medieval environment in 2007. It prompted the release of the original Dragon Age in 2009, which would spawn three sequels. The last was sequel was “Dragon Age: Inquisition”. Sales were minimal for the PS4 & Xbox One entry into this franchise, prompting Electronic Arts to revitalize the series with a reboot. It’s known that the 5th entry will be named “Dragon Age” and release by 2022 for the next-generation of consoles.

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