E3 2020 Line-up Confirmed

Gaming enthusiasts became excited after the 2020 Line-up for the Electronics Expo was announced on February 13th. Located in Los Angeles, E3 2020 sets to differentiate itself from previous iterations of this event. It’ll be more inclusive for games and the streaming community, allowing for this exposition to remain relevant in the ever-changing video game industry. The confirmed line-up slated for E3 2020 includes the Nintendo Corporation, Xbox Company, Ubisoft, Capcom, Sega, Bethesda, Take-Two Games, Square Enix, Warner Brother Game Studios and Bandai Namco. Those wanting to attend this exposition must purchase tickets via their official website, with the three-day event beginning on June 9th. It should be noted that multiple content creators and media representatives are slated to arrive at this expo as well.

Rumours throughout the last two months suggested that E3 would be redesigned to adhere to digital programming. This was confirmed with the official website revealing that celebrities, select guest gamers from Twitch and digital programming products will be displayed throughout the show floor. Considering that E3 has global audiences watching through extended live streams, this confirmation was praised by millions through social media channels.

The association that governs over the Los Angeles E3 Expo were forced to announce the full line-up, which followed after a substantial leak was revealed through Reddit forums. Private information regarding heightened security measures was leaked by this unnamed assailant, leaving the association to have new concerns regarding the 100+ thousand guests that attend E3 yearly. All corporations attending this event will be requested to bring their respective security forces as well. Companies that have confirmed they’ll be complying include Amazon Game Studios, Activision, Xbox, Nintendo and Warner Brothers. All others haven’t provided the public with any insight on their security implementations for E3 2020.

Activision Releasing Remasters in 2020

It’s anticipated that one of the most significant components of Activision’s showcase during E3 2020 will be several remasters that are slated for 2020. It’s unknown what those remasters will be, with limited details surrounding the June 10th announcement. Gaming analysts anticipate that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be remastered. This would follow the significant success of Modern Warfare 2019, which entered it’s second season, which is themed around MW2 from the 2010s. Numerous map locations from MW2 haven’t been provided with the franchises most recent entry, which would almost confirm the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 remaster.

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