EA Purchases Codemasters for $1.2 Billion

An unexpected announcement has shocked the gaming industry. It’s been revealed that Electronic Arts has acquired Codemasters for $1.2 Billion. The information is shocking because previous announcements made by Take-Two Interactive & Codemasters indicated that acquisition contracts between the two had been finalized. Learning that Electronic Arts has instead made that respective purchase confirms Take-Two & Codemasters couldn’t meet a formal accords.

Acquiring Codemasters for $1.2 Billion marks the largest purchase made in Electronic Arts history. It shows that EA is dedicated to becoming a leading force amongst racing games, with EA sustaining franchise rights with Need for Speed. Electronic Arts now holds the franchise rights to Formula One, Grid, and Dirt. Those are three prominent gaming brands that can become drastically enhanced under Electronic Arts leadership.

Fanatics of Formula One, Grid, and Dirt have praised the announcement of Electronic Arts purchasing Codemasters for $1.2 Billion. This means all three franchises will receive prominent graphic & gameplay upgrades, a regular criticism associated to games released by Codemasters. Multiplayer services will also become enhanced, with EA sustaining some of the best servers across the gaming industry.

An official statement regarding this acquisition was made by Codemasters, which terminated any speculation that continued negotiations between EA & Take-Two Interactive are continuing. Sentiments issued by the UK-Established studio stated: “The Codemasters Board has considered various aspects of the EA Offer and considers the EA Offer to represent a superior offer for Codemasters’ shareholders as compared with the Take-Two Offer.”

European Growth

Acquiring Codemasters will increase Electronic Arts presence in the gaming industry, with emphasis on international fanfare. Franchises like Grid & Formula One hold prominence throughout the European Union, a marketplace where EA doesn’t sustain significant leverage. It should be noted that after this announcement was issued, Electronic Arts saw their shares rise by 0.8%. Take-Two Interactive saw their shares decrease by 0.2%.

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