eFootball PES 2020

Konami’s eFootball PES series can be considered as the most significant challenge for EA’s FIFA series. To keep up with this challenge, Konami has their fans keen on the release of the next edition of their favourite Pro Evolution Soccer simulator. 10th of September is the date set for the publication and fans are promised several improvements on the mechanical side to ensure better gameplay.

Brilliant Visuals

Since 1996, when Konami brought out their first version of the game, the visuals have taken giant strides towards greatness. With the new version, they have kept this momentum and improved the graphics even furthermore. This was done with three-dimensional visuals and great animation. A tremendous amount of detail went into designing the stadiums to deliver a product which is even closer to real life. They have also paid attention to the lighting conditions and the turf.

Playing in various modes

Enhancing the ability to play esports, a lot of focus was placed in improving the multi-player mode. Players aren’t limited to multi-player, and they can play solo too. Matchday module is another improvement which will see the light in September as well. Here players will be able to join a team and compete against others to earn the victory in a grand finale.

Finding a Fine Balance Between Easy Play vs Realistic Gaming

Even though loads of effort was placed into creating the most realistic form of play, it had to be easy to play as well. Hence the perfect balance had to be found, and Konami did quite well with that. Some of the improvements that they made include the new ease to guide the ball, to receive the ball and to make passes. Even counterattacks are now more easily accomplished. Another feature that they have added is that any free space on the field can now be utilized for tactical play. Additional moves were added, including different dribbling styles and ball strokes. Responsive dialogue systems and easier management of transfers have been added to the Master League mode.

Competing With FIFA 20

The importance of licensing is visible from the iconic names presented in the roster. Players have a choice of 13 teams including Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Chelsea and many more. Konami is bringing the best for their loyal fans. The game offers brilliance in various elements, and it will indeed keep the loyal fans engaged, and they are probably hoping to entice some FIFA fans to join in as well. Depending on what EA is delivering in their next edition, it seems that ePES 2020 is a valid competitor in the arena of Pro Evolutions Simulators. The only element which fans currently might want to change is the name of the game, which is neither smooth to pronounce nor sticky to the memory.

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