ESport Events Terminated by Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts have confirmed that all ESport Live Events are being postponed following the increasing concerns with the coronavirus and COVID-19. Suspensions specifically apply towards games under the Electronic Arts Division, with all events being moved to digital platforms like Twitch. Individual gamers are being told to implement self-isolation strategies to ensure their safety. It’s unknown when live events for the Apex Legends Global Series, FIFA Online Four Live Events, Madden NFL 20 Championship and EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series will be re-instated. Electronic Arts confirmed that these postponements would remain active until further notice, with an expected date not provided.

Electronic Arts confirmed that this decision was implemented to ensure that employees, competitors and the overall community are protected with the increasing coronavirus pandemic. Medical experts working under a short-term contract with EA are monitoring the situation, with updates coming from multiple news outlets and sources globally. Representatives confirmed that all updates will be reviewed and that Electronic Arts will react appropriately. Updates regarding when the Twitch-enabled events will become active weren’t provided during this public announcement. Gaming analysts anticipate that EA won’t re-instate their Live Events until the coronavirus and COVID-19 are defeated.

Multiple cancellations for some notable venues within the gaming industry have been confirmed since the coronavirus began spreading globally. The alarming rate of infection prompted for expositions like E3 2020, the Game Developers Conference, PAX East 2020 and the Pokemon Go Championships to be terminated entirely. This wasn’t at the decision of organizers, with multiple companies and developers pulling out of their expositions. It prompted the immediate increase of refunded tickets, with organizers forced to cancel eventually.

PC Gamers Assist with Coronavirus Cure

Nvidia has tasked gamers in the PC Community wanting to assist with the coronavirus. Those individuals have been informed that hardware internals can aid medical researchers for the coronavirus. The graphical power enabled within every Gaming PC operating an Nvidia Chipset can transfer its power-control over to a global digital network. Called “Folding at Home” from Nvidia, clock cycles are spared to aid medical researchers. It’ll be the first instance that gamers help with a global pandemic. Nvidia has reported that roughly five thousand individuals have entered the “Folding at Home” platform, allowing considerably more power to researchers.

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