ESport Products

If the idea of purchasing digital versions of your favourite sporting gear sounds too good to be true, then read on for soon, it might just be your reality. Recently the iconic French fashion house, Louis Vuitton partnered up with Riot Games to design and develop a fashion range based on the hugely successful League of Legends. Vuitton’s designs will be available for purchase as digital garments within the game. They are not the only ones who have found a partner in the digital world of gaming. EA Games has introduced items designed by the Italian designer, Moschino. Soon fans playing their favourite sporting games may also be able to purchase digital items from the most well-known sports accessory designers.

The partnership between Riot Games and Vuitton includes not only the range of digital garments available to purchase on League of Legends, but the fashion house will also bring out a clothing range which is based on the League of Legends. They are also designing the trophy case for the much-coveted League of Legends Cup, which the champions of the final which is due to be held in Paris this November, will receive. This isn’t the first time that the fashion house is lending their expertise to the design of a trophy case. They are also the creative genius behind the design of the case for the FIFA World Cup. This is according to the head of partnerships at Riot Games, Naz Aletaha, further proof that esports is a challenge to traditional sports.

Overcoming Market Challenges

The greatest challenge of marketers in an age where viewers of various platforms like Netflix and Amazon can choose to block adverts is to get exposure. According to Ross Benes, who is an analyst at the research company, eMarketer, marketers overcome this challenge by including their products within the streamed content. This way, it is impossible to block out the advertisements. The same is now being done with video games. When gamers are exposed to these items, they have no way of blocking it out. More so, these items become now wanted items from a gaming perspective.

This is a discovery which designers have made, and the partnership between Riot Games and Vuitton is not the only one in the industry. EA Games have also partnered with the Italian luxury brand, Moschino, on Sims 4. This was received with mixed feelings by gamers, according to EA’s GM, Lyndsay Pearson. EA Games believe that these virtual items are often much more affordable to people who would like these items but can’t afford to pay the price tag in real life and that adds to its appeal for many.

Not all are forthcoming about their profits on these digital items, but it is undoubtedly a profitable deal for all parties involved. The biggest concern when bringing in a partner like Vuitton or Moschino into a video game brand is to stay true to the culture of the brand since gamers can be very passionate about the brands they support.

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