Everybody’s Golf VR Review

The latest release in the long-running series of golf brought to us by Sony was delivered once again in May this year. The game is available on PS4, and it offers a great deal of fun.

A Change in Perspective

The first thing which can’t go by unnoticed is the fact that the standard third-person view which the franchise has been delivering in the past, has been replaced with the first-person perspective. The second has to do with your swing. Lately, it is commonly seen in golf games that you have a three-click mechanic to deliver rhythms. This is gone now, and you are playing with your DualShock 4 Controller or your PlayStation Move Controller to swing the clubs. Distance and direction depend on the angle you use as well as how much you are putting into your swing. Although swinging your arms to direct the ball can take some time to get used to, it works very well with the DualShock 4 controller. The PlayStation Move Controller is, however, a bit more of a challenge and not working so great.

Great Motion Controls

Not only is the motions controls pretty good when swinging the DualShock 4 Controller, but also with ball control. Gravity is working correctly with balls taking slopes and rolling according to the weather conditions and surface which they land on. Your entire stance can influence your shots and hence if you lean to one side or when putting too much weight on one foot; it will affect your chance. Still, this is not an accurate representation of reality, since you don’t have to swing nearly as aggressive as on the course in life.

A Variety of Options

Everybody’s Golf VR allows for players of different skill levels to be able to enjoy a game of golf. Vacuum holes can assist you with putting if that is your weakest point in the game or for the more experienced player more extended tees are making it harder to hit par. Players can also change the dominant hand setting and has a variety of clubs to choose from. Even playing with only limited arm mobility can be achieved with a club, which makes it easier for you to play a straight ball. For brand new players to the game, tutorials are helping you to get the just of it.

A True Representation

The graphics and sound have been developed to create a real experience of the conditions you might expect on the course. Sometimes a bee might fly into your face, or you can hear the sounds of waves crashing on a shore not far away. The course is complete with trees and animals one would find on a golf course. Even things you might not expect will also pop up on the greens. Other players are never to be seen though. To sum it up, when you purchase your copy of the game, you will get hours of fun and have some goals to chase and be able to play an almost realistic version of golf, in your living room.

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