Everybody’s Golf VR Review

Everybody’s Golf VR actually shouldn’t perform as well as it does. The unpredictable PS Move controllers have significant issues when it comes to tracking coverage, tracking consistency, and jitters when compared to its competition but somehow the developers at Sony have managed to make it work beautifully with this VR golf game.

Everybody’s Golf VR shouldn’t be seen as a truly-accurate golf simulator. It also cannot be considered a replacement for practising your golf swing. Once you get that out of your head, you will have tons of fun. Perhaps it’s the animations, cheery voice, colourful visuals, or even the brightness the game offers, or maybe it’s merely the fact that you feel like a professional golfer while playing the game. Whatever the reason, the game delivers something genuinely spectacular that all players need to experience with VR, regardless if you are a golf fanatic or someone that has never played the game before.

Gameplay and Controls

This incredible golf game can be enjoyed with a single PS Move controller or even with a DualShock 4 controller. With the PS Move controller, you’ll notice that your swing is pretty much the same as a typical golf swing in real life where you need to pay attention to how full your swing is, your placement, and your wrist rotation. The only downside to using the PS Move controller is that the tracking can be improved.

You will notice that you really immerse yourself in the game after enjoying a couple of courses and you will eventually find yourself standing with your body turned ready to make an actual golf shot on a golf course. Although it’s not an authentic simulator, you will think it is. The only way you’ll realise that it’s not is with a wonky shot that doesn’t go exactly the way it should. You will also see a massive appeal for a multiplayer environment. However, the game currently doesn’t offer a multiplayer platform at the moment.

Game Content

As it stands, you will have access to a handful of golf courses, a practice green for all your cutting needs, and a practice range to hone in your hitting skills. This provides a good range of gaming content to enjoy. Every golf course can also be mirrored, providing a completely different playing experience. You can also choose between 18-hole, nine hole, and 3-hole variations. You will also be able to unlock brand-new caddies, clubs, tunnels, and tees along with outfits for your caddy.

The game could use more game content to make it more appealing to players. Even though it offers a lovely country club vibe, it can do with a golf championship or perhaps a few additional golf courses from around the world. The game looks fantastic, but a couple of other things to unlock during play would make it even better. Overall, it’s worth buying and losing yourself in a game that is easy and fun.

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