F1 2019 is Polygon’s SGOTY

Video Game Entertainment has grown to become one of the most profitable industries worldwide, earning billions in North America and Eurasia. One of the more popular categories in the industry is sports games, which see numerous entries released yearly. This means that reviewers and critics must select their favourite game of the year, with every outlet selecting a different option. Shockingly, Polygon chose Formula One 2019 as their favourite Sports Game of the Year. This comes after multiple new additions came to the game, allowing players to experience a more realistic sim racer on their video game consoles or personal computers.

The Changes

Codemasters, the developer behind the F1 video game franchise, altered almost everything in the 2019 edition of their yearly series. The graphics saw an overhaul, providing consumers with 4K Visuals and more realistic textures. Multiple modes were introduced in the 2019 addition, such as the retrofitted career mode. The career story-mode saw players start in Formula 2, rising their way up the ranks until acquiring a seat in Formula 1. After more than twenty races, players would fight their way for championship contention.

The Solo Mode was updated drastically as well, featuring three additional modes from the previous entry in this series. Players could drive under the F1 2019 Driver Lineup, F2 2018 Driver Lineup, or F2 2019 Driver Lineup. This extended to a specialized classic mode, which saw vehicles driven by Nicki Lauda and Michael Schumacher arrive to gamers. Subsequently, the replay capabilities in F1 2019 were superior to any previous entry in this franchise.

Multiplayer Mode

The one aspect of Codemaster’s F1 2019 that fails is its multiplayer mode. For years fans have urged this developer to redesign the multiplayer mode and create enhanced servers. With the graphical overhaul and increased presence of game modes, fans had hoped that this factor would be altered as well. Unfortunately, players are still provided with false information on lobbies and experience delayed connection times. The only aspect of this mode that was updated was the cosmetics, which allowed consumers to compete for special liveries on their respective vehicle. Unfortunately, all the issues revolving around this mode has made acquiring those liveries a challenging task.

Final Thoughts

Every game will have its upsides and downsides, with Formula 1 2019 having considerably more benefits to gamers than negatives. Most critics have agreed with Polygon’s selection for Sports Game of the Year, with us the following suit in that decision. You receive the most robust career mode to date, acquire a greater narrative that increases story-tension, and has numerous solo features that previously weren’t available. After designing these games for a decade, Codemasters has finally accomplished a game worthy of being experienced by F1 fans everywhere. It will remind you of the remarkable abilities of leclerc and Hamilton on the grand prix. Subsequently, Critics and Fans alike cannot wait until the upcoming entry in this franchise for 2020.

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