F1 ESports Delivering

Frenchman Pierre Gasly, Formula 1 driver for Toro Rosso, attended this week’s Pro Series opener of the third series of Esport F1. He expressed his excitement about F1 Esports and stated that the level of adrenaline which it delivers is almost what is achieved on the circuit in real life. He also indicated that he would want to increase his involvement in esports, since it is not only exciting to race and to watch, but also because it is such a growing interest in the world.

On the 11th of September, the audience at London’s Gfinity Esports Arena was entertained with great excitement as they could watch adrenaline-filled racing with the launch of the F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series. The race resulted in David Tonizza of the Ferrari Driver Academy leading the way in the top of the standings. He was followed by Frederik Rasmussen, racing for Red Bull Racing Esports and Marcel Kiefer, racing for SportsPesa Racing Point F1 Esports, in the third position. The drivers took each other on in the F1 Esports official videogame which is a development masterpiece produced by Codemasters. The track used for the first race was the Bahrain International Circuit which is based in Sakhir.

The second race in the first round was set at the Shanghai International Circuit and delivered a battle of epic proportions when Daniel Bereznay was tussling against Tonizza. Nevertheless, Tonizza retook the podium with Rasmussen and Keifer back in second and third position. The third race was on the Baku City Circuit, which is located in Azerbaijan. This race delivered an intense struggle between Rasmussen and Tino Naukkarinen, racing for Williams Esports. The results left Rasmussen as the winner with Naukkarinen in second place, and Tonizza landed in the third position. The overall driver standings at the end of the night reflected Tonizza in first place with Rasmussen second and Keifer third. The racers will retake each other on, on the 2nd of October when the next live racing event will take place.

Gasly’s Excitement about Esports

Gasly mentioned that this isn’t the first time that he attended this exciting event and were present during last year’s racing as well. From a professional driver’s point of view, he thought that their racing is unbelievable. He stated that he is impressed with the level of racing which these drivers managed and that the lines which they are taking are imposing. Another aspect which he pointed out was how these racers prepare for every move they make, how they manage their battery and energy levels before overtaking. Gasly considered himself to be an avid gamer too and showed his interest in getting more involved in sports racing. He also mentioned that it is such a massively growing business and he can see that the level of racing has improved dramatically since the previous year due to the increased interest in the sport.

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