FIFA 19 Review

FIFA 19 comes equipped with some hefty additions, starting with the re-acquisition of Europe League and UEFA Champions League rights. Apart from adding the most significant football tournaments in the world, the new FIFA game also offers loads of other content to ensure it stands out from the rest. For instance, there’s brand-new kick-off modes, enhancements on most of the current game modes, and much better physics. Tied together, these elements have managed to produce one of the best football games in existence.

New Kickoff Modes

The brand-new kickoff modes in FIFA 19 provide a marvellous introduction when compared to the older releases from the franchise. Instead of playing dreary friendlies in every kickoff match, players can now enjoy a cup final or enjoy both an away and home games to determine a winner. Apart from this, players will also appreciate the new house rules which offers loads of fun and exciting content. For instance, survival mode will eject one of your players in the team every time a goal is scored, No rules mode will provide matches without foul or offside calls, and Headers and Volleys Only will require some unique approaches during play.

The brand-new kickoff modes offer loads of flexibility to a mode that is rather under-serviced which gets loads of attention from players who enjoy battling it out with their friends. Players are able to associate accounts with their gamertags to track statistics such as win ratios, head-to-head records, and number of red cards. This is all about bragging rights and the new FIFA 19 certainly excels in this department.

FIFA 19 Improvements

Although the improvements on the player motion technology is not something to write home about, it still makes a significant difference in each game mode. Players that strike the ball will realise it’s far more realistic where the robotic movements have been minimalised to provide a more authentic gaming experience. Player collisions and jostling are far more visceral, and as the pitch becomes dogged with spray lines and the mud flies during a match, it becomes very apparent that the new FIFA 19 does an incredible job at creating an authentic atmosphere. The game looks absolutely mind-blowing, but it’s the feeling you get from playing the game that makes this version far more realistic than its predecessors.

Tactics have also been greatly improved in FIFA 19 which allows players to customise their unique playstyle even further in terms of fullbacks overlapping and how quickly a team will press after an opponent gives a heavy touch. These tactics are now able to be changed on the fly which means players don’t have to visit the menu screen anymore. These new changes to tactics also ensure the game is more deep and immersive without disturbing the overall flow of the game. The game also comes equipped with a new Timed Finishing mechanic which allows players to add a new difficulty while attempting a shot on goal. This is mainly aimed at FIFA veterans who want an added challenge during play.

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