FIFA 20 Finally Released

It was a long-awaited moment, but it finally happened, and FIFA 20 is released into the arms of loyal fans. The 27th of September marked the day when the EA games had their yearly reboot. FIFA 20 brought fans a refreshed roster and the new and exciting mode, Volta. FIFA 20 is available on many platforms including Xbox One, Playstation 4 and of course, PC. This is the initial feedback only a few days after release.

An analyst at the NPD Group, Mat Piscatella excitedly stated that the game is bringing a ton of improvements with new teams and rules, stadiums and rosters. The motion capturing team at EA Games are applauded for their brilliant craftsmanship when they created the characters. Their appearances are extraordinarily realistic and genuinely giving the impression of real legends on the field.

Creating a Massive Following

The release of any new sports video game is encircled by a significant amount of anticipation and excitement. Earlier this month gamers also saw the version of NHL 20 and NBA 2K20 and a much anticipated WWE 2K20 is due for release in October. These launch dates are often known for sales figures which top all other video games. But more important is the fact that these games create a massive loyal following. FIFA 20 is no different, and over the past 20 years of providing entertainment and excitement, they too have grown into a great crowd of loyal followers.

One of these is Shane Solo. The 34-year-old social worker of Washington is buying every single title annually. He stated that with the updates improvements and changes they make, every year feels like buying a new game. He is also a moderator to the Reddit for r/FIFA community online. This community already has a following over 260 000 subscribers. The page accumulates over 2 million views per day. This is a group of die-hard fans of FIFA and is often offering assistance in getting newbies to higher levels. According to statistics released, a total of 260 million copies were sold of the game during 2018 with sales sky-rocketing again since release. This generated 14% of the entire annual income for EA Games.

Volta Football

If there were, however one single feature that had the crowds waiting, then it would be the addition of Volta. This mode is the overshadowing feature of the latest release. Volta is the answer which EA gave to the request of fans to enable them again to be able to play small-sided games in informal settings. Now about seven years later, FIFA fans can slip back into an everyday kind of street football once again. With no more than five players on a side, players can play on many smaller pitches. Volta is the modern answer to FIFA Street, which was part of the first four games. This time around it is however with brilliant graphics and clear visuals, and EA is estimating even more massive scale popularity of this mode than before.

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