FIFA 20 Preview

FIFA 20 is set to hit the stores globally on 27 September 2019. With the date around the corner, many are ready to place their pre-orders. Hence let’s explore what gamers can expect from the world-renowned sporting sim.

Some Key Notes

The very popular sporting sim brought to the world by Electronic Arts has some new features beyond the customarily expected upgrades, but first the basic stuff. The game is expected to sell around £55 and will be compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC and also Nintendo Switch. Players can expect the standard enhancements on the visuals and licensed upgrades too.

Volta Football Mode

Volta Football Mode is considered to be the follow-up on FIFA street sub-series. Considered to be the groundbreaking element of the new release, taking the gameplay outside of stadiums and currently taking the limelight. It will, however, only be when played, that the players will decide on whether it carries the market’s approval.

Preview on Play

Smooth movements and improved ball control are some of the first noticeable differences. Add to this an improvement on the physics, and you can feel the difference while pitching and trying to steal the ball. These can be considered as significant improvements on FIFA 19. When aiming to take a penalty with the cursor, the option of applying a spin move to the ball allows you to choose how you want to strike the ball into the net. This is due thanks to the set-piece system.

Player switching became smoother and hence is giving you more control to take control of different team members when you need them, instead of losing valuable time in the seconds which often go to waste during these times. Manual switching is also still an option.

The promise was made by Electronic Arts to overhaul the artificial intelligence of the defenders. They kept their promise, and it feels now that you are playing against great players and no longer superhumans. The defenders are now not as reactive towards the faster-paced dribbles, and they too can make mistakes more easily.

There is a new level of realism, which is reached within gameplay. The team play feels more natural and is comparing better to real-life games, rather than continually running into a robust defending line. The creators refer to this upgrade as an improvement in the authentic flow of the game. This is also achieved by instead creating miniature battles during one-on-one play scenarios while dribbling the ball to the penalty box. Scoring also became more comfortable since the goalkeepers are playing a more humanlike game.

The game offers more massive stadiums which are more vividly portrayed and even more dynamic and improved weather. Champions League made a return as well, and that is a much-welcomed comeback. Moving over from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 is a natural shift with many improvements, both big and small, to create another high standard in the world of gaming.

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