Forza Horizon 4 Review

The concept behind the Forza Horizon series hasn’t experienced any significant changes since the first release. Players simply drive around in a graphically detailed virtual world while smashing several objects throughout its environment, gaining high scores, and battling it out in a wide range of racing events. Everything is still the same in the latest Forza Horizon 4 title, making players a bit concerned that the formula might start to get stale. However, the latest title might actually be the most entertaining game to date.

Forza Horizon Changing Seasons

The new Forza Horizon 4 will undoubtedly be familiar to anyone who has played the previous instalments of the game where players attempt to accumulate points to successfully unlock showcase events that is similar to a boss battle but in a racing game atmosphere. The Forza Horizon 4 showcase events are truly impressive where players will race against dirt bikes, trains, and hover boats.

Despite the fact that the new Forza Horizon 4 sticks to the tried and tested formula, the new title still provides the feeling of enjoying a brand-new game and that’s due to the fact that the new Forza Horizon 4 comes equipped with changing seasons. Players will get to experience all four seasons in the new Forza Horizon 4, going from winter to spring to summer to autumn. This is massively beneficial in multiple ways in Forza Horizon 4. The changing seasons offer a significant visual variety which ensures the game never gets boring. The changing seasons also change the overall gameplay as players will be required to obtain all-wheel-drive cars come winter.

Horizon Life

The changing seasons also make the end-game in Forza Horizon 4 extremely interesting. They placed a lot of focus on the end-game and the online experience that can be enjoyed through the Horizon Life feature which players unlock when they gained enough points and finished all the showcase racing events. When Horizon Life is eventually unlocked, players will be treated to a variety of special online events where they will be required to finish certain events in a limited time frame, adding a sense of urgency to the overall gameplay experience. Every week, the game will provide new events as the season changes, ensuring players have something to look forward to each time they play the game.

Between the standard races and the Horizon Life events, the game is bursting at the seams with content. Just about every race features co-op options and PvP, including loads of open world features to keep players intrigued. There’s also an arsenal of cars to unlock, and the new Forza Horizon 4 will shower players with cars, so much so that players will have a difficult time managing their garage. Players will even be treated to a wide range of fictional cars over and above the real world cars that are featured in the game. What’s even more impressive is that players can purchase treasure maps that provide secret locations to collectables. So there’s always something to obtain in the new Forza Horizon 4.

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