Golf Story Review

Golf, as the old saying goes, is considered a pleasant walk spoiled. However, the new Golf Story is regarded as an RPG, 16-bit styled video game that makes the walk worthwhile. The new Golf Story game is mechanically sound, funny, and unexpectedly zany.

These descriptors are not very exciting when you read them on their own. However, the same can be said when it comes to contemporary RPG’s; you hit things, fetch certain things, and usually do the work for others while your heroism goes to waste. The latest Golf Story video game is an RPG that is based on the real-world, mundane concerns which have been dialled up considerably and it’s the relatability that makes this game so charming.

The Narrative Behind Golf Story

This is a game that can be compared to the likes of Mario Golf when you consider its primary objective. Everything in the game can be solved with dogged persistence, golf balls, and golf clubs. You start the game as a man who recently lost everything thanks to a soul-sucking wife. This is essentially your redemption story. However, instead of attempting to save the world, you try to restore some order in your life.

It’s quite clear from the start that although golf is the name of the game, there is far more than meets the eye once you start playing. Much like other RPG’s, you’ll come across several towns that desperately require your assistance. Although this gets old quite quickly, the creators of the game decided to add additional layers of humour to keep things intriguing. All the meat pies, sly nudges, and jokes come from Australia and New Zealand, so if you are someone that plays from Down Under, you will appreciate the game.


Just like a regular golf game where you start with accessible courses and play through several more challenging routes to gain experience and build your character, the same can be said for a game like Golf Story. You’ll be spending loads of time on golf courses where you’ll need to do a combination of internal screaming, putting, chipping, and driving. Your swings will occur on a three-click system. You will first need to pick your preferred club, then select your preferred power, before you decide on your precision level.

You will also be affected by other factors in the game, such as roaming wildlife, slope, and wind speed. The only way you can hit an albatross is by factoring in all the elements on the golf course and correctly playing your shot. Putting is another challenging section of the game as its quite impossible to read the slope. However, overall it’s a fun and exciting game that comes equipped with an RPG look and feel to it which places a brand-new spin on a popular game like golf. It can take a while for the story to start, but once it does, you’ll be glued to your screen!

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