GT Sport

Since Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment initially released the hugely entertaining Gran Turismo Sport about two years ago, players and enthusiasts of this racing game on PS4 have been continuously treated to regular updates. Recently GT Sport delivered on their most significant update yet.

When GT Sports Seven was released two years ago, it immediately delivered a very positive response from the critics. It was the seventh release in the series and the 13th game for Gran Turismo. Since then, it has only kept on to deliver great content with regular updates. When it was released, players had two options, Sport Mode and Arcade Mode. Sport Mode had a variety of levels which were assigned to drivers for driving the offered three daily races, which changed every week. For the past two years, the initial release was improved continuously, and players received regular free updates. Today the game is somewhat different from back then. New cars have been added and now also excitingly different weather conditions.

Additional Cars

The latest update on GT Sport included five new other cars. Surprising though is the fact that these aren’t new race cars, but much rather gems from the racing world. They haven’t been added for extra speed and is by no means the ones with which any records would be broken, but they are considered to be cult classics. Dating back from the middle of the 80s to about the late 90s, these five Japanese sports cars were central in the racing scene. Players now have the option of racing in any of the following vehicles:

  • 1999 Honda S2000
  • 1999 Subaru Impreza Coupe Version VI
  • 1983 Toyota Corolla Levin 3-Door-600GT Apex
  • 1990 Nissan Silvia K’s Dia Selection
  • 1991 Mitsubishi GTO Turbo

Rain On the Ring

Another fascinating new features released with the latest update includes rain on the track. For the first time racer in GT have more options regarding weather conditions than only night or day. Severe rain showers can be expected to the Red Bull Ring circuit, offering a new slippery feature to racing. The graphic displays of the added weather condition are brilliantly realistic with the headlights reflecting off puddles in the road and a mist of droplets just hanging over the track. The downfall to these graphics is however revealed when looking from a perspective of inside your car. The mere fact that the droplets on your windscreen is stationary and not moving as what would be expected when driving at high speeds is somewhat disappointing. Still, the excitement of being able to try the slippery road on the most popular track of all in GT Sport is a bonus. It delivers a new experience in racing. Even though this additional weather condition is currently only available on the Red Bull Ring, it can be expected that shortly it would be expanded to more circuits too.

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