GTA5 Lead Producer Receives Financing for Upcoming Game

Rockstar North’s President & Lead Producer has left the developer after decades of employment. This follows after a prolonged lawsuit between Leslie Benzies & Rockstar North, which started in 2016. Leslie demanded $150 Million in unpaid royalties from his employer, which inevitably would be awarded the Benzies. The Ex-President of Rockstar North confirmed on September 27th that he’d obtained $42 Million in financial aid to develop a competing title to Grand Theft Auto.

The Telegraph was 1st to notice that Leslie Benzies had established a new video game studio, naming it “Build a Rocket Boy Studios”. Two studios have launched under BRB, with one located in Edinburgh & the other in Budapest. Multiple investors have backed Leslie in his efforts to develop a better-grade Grand Theft Auto. Corporations that invested into “Build a Rocket Boy Studios” includes Galaxy Interactive, Cayman Fund Makers, and NetEase.

Aspirations to develop a competing title to GTA5, and the upcoming GTA6, began in 2016. Rockstar North had never anticipated their President & Lead Producer suing them for unpaid royalties. Leslie Benzies claimed internal deceptions had occurred towards a forceful departure. This happened because Leslie’s contract enabled royalties for any games developed under his watch. GTA3, GTA4, GTA5, and GTA5 Online were created under Benzies guidance. Considering that Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has sustained more than $8 Billion in profit, Sam & Dan Houser actively worked towards forcefully removing Leslie from Rockstar North. After two years of ongoing battles, Leslie Benzies was awarded $150 Million from the courts.

Everywhere Announced

Additional claims from Leslie Benzies includes that Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar North, wouldn’t permit him entry into the office facilities after returning from legally approved time off. His office had been closed-off & his digital access code had been deactivated. Considering that Leslie Benzies was the President & Lead Producer at Rockstar North, the actions of Sam & Dan Houser was highly illegal.

It’s known that Leslie Benzies will now be developing “Everywhere” for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. It’ll be designed by his in-house studio, “Build a Rocket Boy Studios.”

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