How Did a Game like Overwatch Become so Popular?

While Overwatch may have come out two years ago, the game has created a massive wave amongst players, and even in 2018, the hype surrounding the game has not slowed down in the least. Overwatch is a massive online multiplayer game which includes an array of different characters, unique design storylines, weapons, as well as buyable content which can just enhance the gameplay greatly. Since its initial release, the game has been featured in a few of the most popular eSports tournaments worldwide. This has caused even more players to spend countless hours playing and perfecting their skills in the game, however, even without this, having a first-person shooter created by Blizzard was enough for this game to gain a sizable following as soon as it was released. There are many more factors of why and how Overwatch has become so popular, and these are addressed below.

The Game Redefines What A First Person Shooter is

When Overwatch was released, there were many other first-person shooter games that focused on wars, military, and violence that it created a market that was over-saturated with the genre. It was honestly getting to the point where the big-name developers were beating a dead bush of what a first-person shooter should entail. That was until Blizzard came into the picture and begun to tease Overwatch. While the game has the typical feeling of an fps (first person shooter), it completely redefined the idea in an interesting way. While it keeps the general idea of an fps with the controls and view, it adds too much more, so players won’t feel as if they’re just some dude running around on a map and murdering people. While the argument of Overwatch having abilities, class rinks, and more may originally have seemed to be an idea that was hard to incorporate, the developers did it in such a way that it becomes one of the highlights of the game.

The Developer

Blizzard is one of the big names in game development who has created some of the world’s most popular games – World of Warcraft, Diablo, and many more that are still being played today. So, almost by default, many fans of Blizzard were happy to hop on the Overwatch train as it included the elements and colourful storytelling that Blizzard is known for. Additionally, the developer set the game to be a social fest which only allowed for multiplayer play. Despite that though, Overwatch has an immersive storyline following each character which makes the game seem more than a vibrant and well-designed fps.

Overwatch Is Popular Worldwide

Since its release, Overwatch has become such a popular game that it is being played worldwide, even in places like Korea where eSports tournaments are the norm. Knowing that it reached Korea and sored is a massive win for the game which gave it even more visibility. So much so that in some places in Korea, the game is offered for free in a slew of internet cafes.

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