Infinity Ward Stands Behind African American Community

Worldwide a new movement has begun amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a movement centred around individuals of African descent. The tone of their skin has prompted significant racism against these global civilians for thousands of years, continuing into our modern era. Globally, those who stand with this group of people have begun protesting the ignorant behaviour of law enforcement & racists. Corporations have followed with this movement, adding their particular sentiments regarding the “Black Lives Matter Movement”.

Even video game developers have begun implementing messages into their launch sequences, informing both parties on this issue on their stance. The most recent developer to apply a personal message to the African American & European Communities is Infinity Ward, one of the most notable designers in video game history.

Ignorant remarks descended social media, which isn’t surprising following the millions of Modern Warfare players that have the “TRUMP” clan tag. These remarks came after these individuals updated their edition of Modern Warfare – 2019. A message was shown to 50+ million players worldwide, which read that the African American Community is hurting.

This message noted that systemic inequalities in North American & European communities had become centre stage, with Infinity Ward standing behind the inclusion of Black Lives. The developers of Modern Warfare 2019 than mentioned that they stand against racism & the injustice this community experiences daily. The message ended by noting that North America & Europe cannot become a modern community until racism ends.

Trump supporters expecting this message to an end after being read for the 1st time were disappointed. This message appears every time that Modern Warfare 2019 is launched, while also being seen during all loading screens. This will help embody a more definite conviction & understanding to those standing on the opposite side of this movement.

Concerning Protests

It should be mentioned that several developers in the video game industry have released supportive statements for the African American Community, which comes after 10+ days of protests have been seen throughout the United States of America. These protests extend towards Canada and the United Kingdom, with the overwhelming majority becoming violent. There’s even a violent riot slated for Toronto in Ontario, which is being started by Montreal Civilians & not locals.

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